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Aahwahan Foundation


He is excellent at directing the successful completion of humanitarian and development programs within budget and tight deadlines. He is exceptional at nurturing sustainable partnerships with leaders from civil society, national/regional governments, and the private sector to achieve revenue goals.

Aahwahan Foundation

Bibekananda P

He is committed to fostering socio-economic development, education, humanitarian & relief work in a non-profit environment. Championing the cause of the downtrodden and building their futures economically and socially has always been close to his heart.

Aahwahan Foundation

Rashmi R

She coordinates the organization’s resource mobilization and collaborates with governments on multi-lateral programs. She is excellent at donor relations and fundraising and is deeply committed to helping women rebuild their lives through economic empowerment.

Aahwahan Foundation

Abhisek Kumar

He has always believed in investment in rural education & quality basic education and encouraged the creation of a social-economic structure for community development.

Aahwahan Foundation

Prasant Barik

He is committed to the effective, efficient and ethical provision of service to rural communities through direct socio-economic programs and in collaboration with governments & alliance partners

Aahwahan Foundation

Manasi Pradhan

She is an expert in corporate strategy and policy advisory services within an NGO environment. Her business analysis competencies have enabled corporates to have an upward revenue growth trajectory

Aahwahan Foundation

Rashmi Pradhan

Enthusiastic about creating a change in the farming sector with the help of new and improved technologies to increase productivity and income of farmers. Involved in field work as well as extenstion services in rural areas for better understanding of farming community.